Testimonial – Thomas

May 20, 2016
May 20, 2016 OMcV

A great testimonial from Thomas’s mum, Treena,  after he enjoyed his 4 x 4 experience. It’s great to know how much he enjoyed it:

“Myself, Thomas and my girls have been treated like celebrities. And it’s all thanks to this amazing foundation. Thomas was diagnosed with a brain stem grade III  tumour after an eye test in October. We were told it was inoperable and many heart braking choices and changes have happened since. Thomas turned 20 years young in December. Since his illness has developed Thomas has lost most of his sight, most of his mobility and the use of his right hand side of his body.  He has never driven a car and who would of thought he could?
It’s thanks to this amazing foundation and 4×4 experience that Thomas got his dream. Thank you just doesn’t come close to how grateful we all are. Godbless you all and please everyone support this amazing foundation xx”