Owen McVeigh Fun Day at David Lloyd Clubs Kirkby September 2016

September 7, 2016
September 7, 2016 OMcV

The recent Owen Mcveigh Fun Day at the David Lloyd Clubs in Kirkby was a simply amazing day and night and a huge success. The turn out, in both the day and night, was above and beyond that which any of us could have imagined and we’re all truly grateful for that.
We have a huge list of people to thank so here goes:

  • First thanks to the LFC Academy for doing training with the kids and the 3 academy players that turned up were an absolute credit to Liverpool Football Club
  • Special thanks to Phil Gadd who put on the combatathon. There were over 150 people in the room taking part for 3 hrs which was a truly special sight that will never be forgotten along with the extra special effort from the instructors.
  • Thanks to the teams from Barclays, David Lloyd Clubs and everybody at the Owen McVeigh Foundation who took part in “Rowing for Owen” and especially our special guest star who rowed us home Lucy Orr.
  • A special mention to DJ Jack Duff who was amazing and his side kick DJ Lee Butler who was great also.
  • Thank you to the David Lloyd tennis members who run the tennis competition.
  • Peter Thistlewaite , Owens granddad, who swam 2 miles and was sponsored for this – what an achievement.
  • A special mention to Sean Francis dance school and all the kids you did a wonderful job.
  • Speedo Mick who, as always, was an absolute star.
  • Also a big thank you to the lads from Kirkby who put on a 11 a side charity football match for us and came over and joined us afterwards.
  • Thanks to Carl Westgate and Gill McCaldon for all your help throughout the day and night.
  • And in the night Steve Charles for the amazing show he put on , we cannot recommend this guy enough.
  • Thanks Graeme Hurst for your fundraising.
  • The biggest thanks to David Lloyd Knowsley and all the staff day and night who were outstanding, Scott Mykoluk for allowing this to happen , and his understudy Shaun who was the star of the show – meeting with us 4 weeks prior to the event a couple of times a week in order to make sure he got everything right – and he did. He was so perfect for us to work with and a great lad and we will be forever thankful to him.

On the day we raised £10,085 and with everything else to come in and sponsor money we will hopefully clear £15,000 which at the end of the day will help so many children and their families. The plans are already in place for 2017
Pictures from this amazing day are below. Photos supplied by Joe from Out On a Float Photography: