Alex – Liverpool Airport

January 23, 2018
January 23, 2018 OMcV

Alex and his family had a amazing experience at at Liverpool John Lennon Airport spending time at air traffic control and Ravenair flight training school.

It was Alex’s 9th birthday this week so with the help of our good friend Emma Regan at JLA we put together a truly memorable experience for Alex.

First thing this morning Alex arrived at air traffic control where he was shown around the radar control room meeting the air traffic controllers and air traffic control assistants for both Liverpool and Doncaster. The operators explained how they operate the airport on a day to day basis and how the controllers communicate to the aircraft that are flying through the skies. 

Next was his visit to the control tower to meet the control tower team whilst taking in all the great views of the airport grounds.

In the afternoon Alex headed over to RAVENAIR to look around there facilities and meet the pilots and engineers. They put on some lovely food for Alex and his family before all the boys got to have a go in a flight simulator which they all loved and also got to sit in aircraft in the hanger.

At this point we asked Alex would he like to go out and fly a plane himself. He said “Yes please!” and was so excited  so the staff at Ravenair have invited him to go out in the next few weeks when the weather is better. In all it was a magical experience for young Alex with more to come.

The family finished their day off at The Shankly hotel with dinner before bed after a day never to be forgotten.

We would like to thank Emma Regan for all her support and hard work and all the staff today for their time and patience with the boys.

Special thanks to Jeff Nutall and Chris at Ravenair for the amazing surprise for Alex

Also thanks to Lynne and Christopher Carline at the Shankly hotel for all there help.

It was a truly a fantastic day for Alex – thank you also to Phil Gadd for all the video work and time you spent with the boys❤️.

All our love The Owen McVeigh Foundation